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The Yonsei Elementary English-Korean Dictionary
1. The Yonsei Elementary English-Korean Dictionary was compiled based on an English corpus for the first time in the nation. (The corpus is composed of approximately 500 English resources, which elementary, junior high and high school students use, and it is at these levels where the process of extracting definitions and samples sentences took place.)  
2. Since the sample sentences in this dictionary are extracted from the English corpus, the sentences are those frequently used in daily lives.  
3. The dictionary attempts to help in English writing by going beyond simply giving definitions and determining the collocation between words in detail.  
4. Different from other dictionaries, listed sample sentences are from conversations, so it is easy to use for English conversation.  
5. Supplementary information, such as grammar and cultural contents, are also included. 
6. Various kinds of visual aids are also included to promote the learner’s interests. 
7. Useful appendixes, including a Korean-English dictionary, terms used in Math, Sociology, Science and Computer science, and basic English grammar, are also included.