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Main Projects
Director’s Letter
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The aims of the Yonsei Institute of Language and Information Studies are to conduct scientific research on Korean and other languages, and to develop various language information tools by utilizing the research.

To accomplish these, the institute carries out the following projects: 1) conducting research related to compiling various dictionaries in addition to the Grand Dictionary; 2) developing electronics and data technologies for language and information studies; 3) collecting, organizing and publishing data for language and information; 4) exchanging information among relevant scholars, academia and domestic and international institutes; 5) training researchers and practitioners; 6) conducting research and projects for promoting the value of the Korean language, such as ‘Korean as a foreign language’ and ‘communication among different cultures’; 7) conducting research and projects on pragmatics, conversation research, rhetoric and stories related to the Korean language and related social phenomena; 8) conducting research and projects on various kinds of bibliographies, genres of literature, ancient manuscripts and characters relevant to classic humanities; and 9) other projects that comply with the institute’s missions.