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The Yonsei Contemporary Dictionary of Korean

1) A linguistic dictionary that describes contemporary Korean from independence (1945) to the present (2005) 
- Aims to be a pure linguistic dictionary that carries on the spirit of the Yonsei Korean Dictionary 
- Takes a step forward from the Yonsei Korean Dictionary and makes progress in the selection of entries, description of definitions, and morphological, syntactic and pragmatic information

2) Medium sized dictionary of approximately 120,000 entries 
- Aims to be a medium sized dictionary that immediately reflects Korean vocabulary entries that are used in daily life 
- The Yonsei Korean Dictionary will provide a foundation for the number of vocabulary entries used in contemporary general Korean through an objective and scientific entry selection process

3) Dictionaries for high school students, college students and the general public 
- Presents linguistic rules in detail, one of the most important functions of the dictionary 
- Includes technical terms and proper nouns you may encounter in daily life

4) A dictionary that most accommodates the user’s needs  
- Carries information needed for the users of a dictionary rather than from a compiler’s perspective 
- A dictionary helpful in the four fields of language activity: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking