Introduction to the Yonsei Institute of Language and Information Studies

The Institute of Language and Information Studies was established to “conduct extensive and scientific research on numerous languages, including Korean, and, based on that research, to develop a variety of language information tools.”

In order to achieve these objectives, the Institute carries out the following projects:

1. Conduct research related to the compilation of various dictionaries, such as the Grand Dictionary;

2. Develop electronic and data processing technology related to language and information studies;

3. Collect, organize, and publish data on language and information;

4. Exchange with topically relevant scholars, academia, and institutes across Korea and abroad;

5. Train research fellows and working staff;

6. Conduct research and projects aimed at enhancing the value of the Korean language in the international community with the topics “teaching Korean as a foreign language” and “intercultural communication”;

7. Conduct research and projects on pragmatics, discourse studies, rhetoric, and narrative studies in connection with the social phenomenon of the Korean language;

8. Conduct research and projects on various bibliographies, literature, ancient documents, and written material that are related to the classical humanities;

9. Implement other projects in compliance with the Institute’s mission.