Expected Effects

Academic Effects

  1. Establishing data-based empirical humanistic linguistics
  2. Proposing an academic direction reflecting social practice and facts
  3. Proposing an academic direction facilitating interdisciplinary communication of humanities
  4. Taking a leading role in the international dissemination of research outcomes

Educational Effects

  1. Providing educational and cultural content designed for communication in a multicultural society
  2. Fostering and retraining professional human resources
  3. Training professional human resources with an international perspective that are in charge of humanities-related information exchange
  4. Building a Web-based multimodal database and interlinking it with e-Service and portal sites

Social Effects

  1. Promoting humanities through complex knowledge e-Service
  2. Advocating the generation and sharing of popular knowledge
  3. Boosting the broad availability of complex knowledge by offering liberal arts and humanities courses and a lecture program for the general public